Friday, November 13, 2009

CFA helping find alternate classroom sites

In the event of a grad employee strike next week, GEO is requesting that faculty show support by canceling classes. For those who feel they cannot do that, or can only cancel some, CFA is helping find alternate venues. Arrangements depend upon date and time, class size and other needs, and availability, so we can make no guarantees. The information [here attached as a "comment"] has been sent to all CFA members, but we can also assist others.

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  1. McKinley Foundation, 809 S. 5th St.
    Ask for Jaya at 344-0297
    (2-3 rooms, cap. 15-20, plus a sanctuary, cap. 200+)
    Fee: $1, drop by to fill out a simple registration form

    La Casa Cultural Latina, 1203 W Nevada
    (2 small rooms, cap. 15-20; 2 larger rooms, cap. 30 or so)
    Questions: call Maria at 333-4950

    Or call Ricky at CFA (766-2387) for assistance with the following (or to find out about new additions to the list):

    St Andrews Lutheran Church & Campus Center, 909 S Wright St
    (2-3 smaller rooms, cap. 20 max, and one large sanctuary cap. 50 or so)
    wheelchair accessible

    St John the Divine, Episcopal center, 1011 S Wright St
    (2-3 rooms, cap. 15 or so)
    wheelchair accessible - elevator to basement

    Asian American Cultural Center, 1210 W Nevada
    (1 room upstairs, cap. 15-20, 1 room downstairs, cap. 60 or so)

    Channing-Murray Foundation
    (cap. 70, limited availability - GEO using it sometimes)
    first floor is wheelchair accessible

    There is also limited space available at the University YMCA, for a fee, but booking there is at a premium.

    Other sites may be available soon.


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