Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What do we do with 'furlough' days?

Organize! Many colleagues report being pressured to schedule phony "furlough" day in advance. Well, your union - the Campus Faculty Association - is calling for "common furlough days" to demonstrate the impact of these ill-conceived cuts to the University's core mission of education and research - and to use the day for a different kind of service (than the kind Administrators would choose) to that core mission: to fight for it, as only the people who get this job done every day can.

So, mark your calendars:
  • Feb. 15
  • March 4
  • April 6
  • April 21

There will be a planning meeting on Feb. 9 (see previous post below) for all concerned faculty to discuss these and other actions through which faculty at UIUC can begin to take back some influence over the running of the University.

Tues. Feb. 9
University YMCA
Lower Level, Rooms K-1 & K-2

This meeting is open to anyone who cares about the core mission of the University and wants to work together to improve it, resist these shortsighted cuts, and reclaim the excellence that the University of Illinois community prides itself on. But it is NOT FREE! If you attend, you will be expected to engage, participate, and give of your time and energy, your '2 c', yourself.

Please come and bring a friend - or two - or three ...

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